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Visitor FAQ

Where is Will Call at Red Rocks?

The Box Office and ticket Will Call is located on the Red Rocks Park Road. The Red Rocks Park Road entrance (Entrance 2) is along Hwy. 93 and is the closest entrance to the town of Morrison. Standard time for Tickets Will Call to open is four hours prior to show time. Visit our hours, directions and maps page to see where the Box Office is located.

Where are my seats located?

The seat rows are numbered bottom to top 1 through 70. Rows for General Admission and Reserved Seating vary from show to show. Your seat number is located on the tag on the front of your seat. Seats are numbered right to left facing the stage (lower number to the right higher number on the left). Rows 1 & 70 are always reserved for accessible seating at Red Rocks.

Beginning in the 2018 season, tickets purchased in Rows 1-4 are non-transferable, meaning they must be used by the original purchaser. This change was made to combat ticket scalping, particularly in Row 1, which is designated as wheel-chair accessible and mobility-impaired seating.

Fans who purchase tickets in accessible seating sections will be asked to verify their need for accessible seating during the purchase process. Those seated in the front accessible seats in Rows 1-2 will be prompted for identification and wrist-banded when initially seated. Promoters may expand the non-transferable seating beyond Row 4 on a show-by-show basis, so please refer to your order to review whether your seats are transferable. For all fans with non-transferable tickets, the original purchaser MUST arrive with the entire ticketed party and present a Flash Seats-approved credential, so please take this into consideration when arriving at your event.

How do I get my tickets?

Flash Seats is the ID-based digital ticketing system and the preferred admission method at Red Rocks. It allows you to enter Red Rocks with either a Flash Seats ID, your driver's license or the credit card used to purchase tickets. It also gives you the ability to safely transfer, sell and buy seats through the offical Red Rocks Fan-to-Fan Marketplace. Visit our Flash Seats FAQ to learn more.

What features are there for patrons with disabilities?

Accessible seating is located at the top of the amphitheatre in Row 70 and at the front of the amphitheatre in Row 1. Designated accessible parking for persons with disabilities is in two locations. Please check your tickets for the locations of your seats before parking. For access to Row 70, parking is available in the Top Circle Lot. For access to the front Row 1, parking is at the Upper South Lot. Additional detailed information (including Ticketing Policy) can be found at the Accessibility page.

Does my child need a ticket?

Although the promoter of some shows may have a different policy generally children under 2 years of age do not need a ticket. They are required to sit on the lap of the adult and to not interfere with someone else’s seat.

Can I buy tickets at the Box Office?

The Red Rocks Box Office is open day of show only. If tickets are still available for that day’s show, and other upcoming shows, you can usually purchase them at the Box Office. The Box Office is located on Red Rocks Park Road (Entrance 2). Also, all available Red Rocks tickets can be purchased at the Denver Coliseum (4600 Humboldt St, Denver) on Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. 

What can I bring into the Amphitheatre for a concert?

Please see our Permitted/Prohibited Items page

What time do the gates open?

For most shows the gates open 90 minutes prior to the show time printed on your tickets.

How much is parking?

For most shows, parking is included in the price of your ticket. No additional fee is charged at the venue on the day of a performance.

Can a show be rained out?

Not Likely. Most shows begin moving in by 6 a.m. and once the decision to move in has been made, the show generally goes on. The Red Rocks stage has a large roof protecting it from adverse weather. Weather is generally not a factor for most shows. Since the Denver front range area is famous for afternoon, monsoonal flow, hit and run, rain showers, you are encouraged to bring rain gear. Should a performance be changed or postponed due to weather conditions, announcements with all pertinent information will be made at, on and, and/or through the Red Rocks automated voice response system (720-865-2494).

Where is lost and found located?

Items found during an event are taken to the Red Rocks Operations Office backstage. Contact an event services supervisor for assistance. After a show, lost items are taken to the Denver Coliseum office by the next business day. You can inquire about a lost belonging at the Denver Coliseum, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (holidays excluded) or call 720-865-2476.

Is there an ATM at Red Rocks?

Yes. There are two ATM’s located in the Visitor Center at the top of the Amphitheatre and one located at the North Concession Stand.

Are tailgate parties permitted in the parking lots?

Generally, yes. However, open alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the parking lots. Due to risk of fire in the park, open flame fires and charcoal grills are also prohibited. Small gas-controlled grills are allowed unless there are temporary fire bans during high-risk fire periods. Tailgating must be within the confines or your parking spot. Restaurant delivery or onsite catering is not permitted.

What is the seating capacity of Red Rocks?

Up to 9,525 people can be seated in the amphitheatre, and every seat has an unobstructed view of the stage and perfect acoustics.

If I leave something in my car, may I leave the show to go get it?

Unfortunately, no. Due to security issues, once you are past the entry gates and your ticket has been scanned, you cannot leave the show and re-enter. Re-entry is only permitted in weather-related or medical emergencies.

May I bring recording equipment (video or audio) or a camera with me to the show?

Some artists do allow fans to bring in cameras and/or recording equipment. Most do not. This decision is made by each individual performer, not by Red Rocks.

Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking in our many lots, but we encourage you to carpool. Please park as directed by Red Rocks staff members. Cars blocking or impeding traffic, or illegally parked, will be relocated. If your vehicle is relocated, contact a staff member for assistance. For more information, please visit our Parking page in the Visitor Info section.

May I bring my own lawn chair?

No. For the safety of all our guests, lawn chairs may not be brought into the facility from the outside. You may bring seat cushions, soft side camping seats or stadium seats under 18” wide. No items with legs are permitted.

May I bring in food?

Although we have a great selection of food and beverage available at Red Rocks, you may bring your own food as long as your soft sided cooler or cloth bag fits under your seat.

The following items are permitted:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages in factory sealed plastic containers, not to exceed 32 oz. (one quart) (some shows may require the removal of lids upon entering the amphitheatre.)
  • Empty plastic water bottles
  • Soft sided coolers, six-pack size (10” long x 7” wide x 7” high)
  • Cloth bags, soft packs 12” x 17” x 12” (must fit under designated seat)
  • Food for personal consumption only. Food must be in a clear plastic bag. Maximum bag size one gallon (11” x 11”) Fruit, vegetables must be sliced.

The following items are NOT permitted:

  • Non factory-sealed beverage/liquid filled containers (including thermoses, bota bags or wine skins)
  • Alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal drugs
  • Glass bottles or aluminum/steel cans
  • Hard sided coolers
  • Soft sided coolers larger than 10” x 7” x 7”
  • Framed backpacks

How do I get a job at Red Rocks?

Each spring many people are employed in food and beverage service, housekeeping, and security services. For more information, please visit our Employment Opportunities page in the About Us section.

Are pets allowed in the amphitheatre?

Pets or other animals are not allowed. Certified service animals are permitted and admitted into the amphitheatre. Each service animal must remain with its owner and be restrained.

Is camping allowed at Red Rocks?

There is no camping in Red Rocks Park. A list of campgrounds and hotels near Red Rocks is available here on our website under Visitor Info: Lodging.

What time is the park open to the public?

Red Rocks Park is open to the public from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset every day of the year. On concert days the Amphitheatre usually closes to the public after lunch for sound checks and other operational issues. However, the Amphitheatre may be closed to the public at any time on a day when a concert is scheduled. Occasionally the Amphitheatre may be closed to the public on a non-concert day for a private function such as a rehearsal. Whenever possible, notice of these infrequent closures will be posted on the front page of this website. On concert days you may also call the Amphitheatre at 720-865-2494. The park trails open one hour before sunrise and close one hour after sunset. For more information, please visit our Hours, Directions & Maps page under the Visitor Info section.

What types of food are offered at Red Rocks?

In addition to Ship Rock Grille, our full service restaurant and bar, we also offer a wide variety of concessions to appeal to all: bratwurst, gyros, pizza, hot dogs, sandwiches and wraps, nachos, pretzels, candy and more. Beverage service includes soft drinks, draft and bottled beer, frozen lemonade, frozen margaritas and cocktails. Considering dinner at the Ship Rock Grille? Reservations are strongly recommended: 303-697-4939.

Are there stadium seats available for rental or purchase?

We do not have rental seats available, but official Red Rocks stadium seats and cushions may be purchased from the merchandise desk in the Visitor Center and at The Trading Post.

Where are the restrooms located?

Restrooms are located downstairs at the north and south ends of the Visitor Center, and even more on the South Ramp. Two accessible family restrooms are located on the plaza at the north and south ends plus one in the North Concession Stand. Additional restrooms are located to the left and right of the stage on the South Ramp and at the North Stairs. To view a map of our restroom locations please visit our Food and Beverage Guide.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

We do not currently offer gift certificates to Red Rocks.

Is there public transportation to Red Rocks?

There is no scheduled bus or shuttle service to Red Rocks. Many guests do use a limo or taxi service which we are happy to accommodate. The best drop-off/pick-up points are at the Trading Post for taxis and the Top Circle Lot for limos.

Can I exercise in the Amphitheatre on non-concert days?

Red Rocks Amphitheatre has become a popular site for runners and those looking for a challenging workout at 6,400 feet. Individuals and groups of 10 or smaller Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and groups of 20 and smaller on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are welcome to take advantage of the venue’s natural beauty and unique physical challenges whenever the amphitheatre is open to the public. On Sundays 8am - 10am (April 1-Oct. 31), 9am-11am (Nov. 1-March 31), group sizes are not restricted. We do ask that these activities do not negatively impact the enjoyment of others, or contribute to any structural damage of the venue. For more information, please visit our Hours, Directions & Maps page under the Visitor Info section.

When does the Box Office/Will Call open?

The standard time for the Box Office to open is 4 hours prior to show time, and is open day of show only. Please check your event on our calendar for door time. If tickets are still available for that day’s show, and other upcoming shows, you can usually purchase them at the Box Office. The Box Office is located on Red Pocks Park Road (entrance 2). Also, all available Red Rocks tickets can be purchased at the Denver Coliseum (4600 Humboldt St, Denver) on Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Concertgoers can call 888.929.7849 to see which shows have tickets remaining.

How should I dress for a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre?

Coloradans and Red Rocks Amphitheatre concert-goers dress casual and cool. Be prepared for all weather conditions, including full exposure to the sun, strong wind and even severe rain. There is no shade or covering in the amphitheatre seating area, so you may be fully exposed to the sun or adverse weather conditions. It is always wise to dress in layers, have a poncho on hand and to wear sunscreen. Wear comfortable walking shoes, as routes from parking lots to the gates may be partially dirt, uphill and sometimes lengthy in distance, dependent on what time you arrive.

Where can I find a breastfeeding area, including electrical outlets?

There is one designated breastfeeding area with electrical outlets in the Bridal Suite in the Visitor Center at the top of the amphitheater. In order to access this room, please inquire with a Red Rocks staff member when you first enter the amphitheater or text RR followed by your message to 69050 for assistance.

Can I park in the parking lot of my choice?

Unfortunately, you may not be able to park in the parking lot of your choice. The parking staff direct patrons to various roads and parking lots based on traffic flow and volume in an effort to park vehicles as efficiently as possible. Please refer to the Parking & Transportation page for information about accessible parking.

Can I bring prescription medication into the venue during a ticketed event?

In order to provide a safe and comfortable environment for concertgoers, there are policies and procedures in place at Red Rocks to restrict drugs of all types from entering the venue as well as their use, distribution and sale. However, the following procedures are in place to accomodate patrons requiring the legitimate use of prescription medications while attending an event:

  • Patrons should only bring the quantity of medication needed for the duration of the show; please leave excess medication at home or in your vehicle.
  • Prescription medication must be in the original prescription container with the patient's name and dosage listed on the label.
  • At entrances, venue medical staff will verify the medication and name on the label match the actual medication and patron's identification.
  • Patrons with more medication than is necessary for the duration of the show will be asked to return the excess to their vehicle. In instances where this is not possible, the medication will be stored with medical staff in the first aid room at the South Ramp entrance or disposed.