Trading Post
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Trading Post

Originally known as the Indian Concession House, the Trading Post is a great place to shop for unique Red Rocks souvenirs, apparel and historical memorabilia. The Trading Post is also the perfect place to start a walking tour of the park. The structure, designed by W.R. Rosche, was constructed in 1931, and has a breathtaking view of the valley and rock formations to the south. The 1.4 mile Trading Post trail winds through the spectacular Fountain and Lyons formations with a narrow, rough surface that follows moderate to steep terrain.


Fast Facts

  • Designed by Denver architect W.R. Rosche
  • Originally known as the Indian Concession House and, at times, called the Indian Trading Post or Red Rocks Pueblo
  • Built – 1931
  • Denver Landmark – 1994
  • National Historic Landmark – 2016 (along with the park, amphitheatre and CCC camp)
  • This building, which preceded the amphitheatre by a decade, was built in a Pueblo Revival style to commemorate the Native American form of architecture and to be complementary with the surrounding landscape. As a first stop for tourists visiting the mountain parks, the Trading Post was originally home to a museum that highlighted and exhibited the local flora, fauna, and geology of the Denver Mountain Parks. Along with the museum, the Trading Post sold a variety of concessions, antiques, and native artifacts.


For additional information about the Red Rocks Trading Post, please call 303-697-4939 ext. 6.


  • Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily
  • Closed: Thanksgiving and Christmas